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Yes, Quick Start Guide for HSC is available.

HSC Quick Start Guide

  1. Right-click the Quick Start Guide link above, and then click Save target as (on some browsers, this is called Save link as).
  2. Save the PDF file to your desktop and then open it in your PDF reader.

HSC offers the possibility to import and export large volumes of data (mass data) fast and easily.

For import of master data (such as hotel and employee data) the 'HSC V2.6 MasterData Interface Tool' is available (see below).
For the import of master data there are mostly two scenarios:

  • On the one hand the transfer of master data in the framework of a new installation of HSC - for which this function has been designed.
  • You can use the import function also when the master data has to be added to an existing HSC system on a larger scale (e.g. the modification of a hotel).

During export the data are transmitted into the database in the same way as if they had been entered over the administration interface of Front Office. This means that the same checks (dependencies, license conformity, etc.) are performed as in the use of the administration interface!

Other than in the administration interface, only new data can be added with the mass data import function, while existing ones cannot be changed or deleted. (The attempt to change already existing data is rejected by the system with the message "Entry already exists".) In this way it is prevented that the function of the HSC system is impaired after import.

Mass Data Import Tool

  1. Right-click the Data Import Tool link above, and then click Save target as (on some browsers, this is called Save link as).
  2. Extract archive to local folder and then
  3. Open it with Microsoft Excel

The formerly known Siemens (now Unify) hospitality applications, like Caracas, HiPath Hotel or HiPath Hospitality Service Center were discontinued by Siemens Enterprise Communications. PSE Group acquired rights to HSC in October 2011, since then PSE Group is taking charge for product development and marketing. PSE Group is offering competitive upgrade for all existing customers using Caracas Inn, Caracas Desk, Caracas Link, HiPath Hotel Advanced or HiPath Hospitality Service Center. More details is available on Infographic.

History, Positioning, Upgrade path from Caracas, HiPath Hotel

HSC Cloud is a web service that provides Front Office PMS and POS functionality in the cloud. It is designed to meet all front and back office needs for small hotels.

HSC Cloud is particularly suited for:

  • Small hotels
  • Hostels
  • Campgrounds
  • Vacation apartments

HiPath 3000/4000, OpenScape Office, OpenScape Business interface is included in package free of charge. List of other optional interfaces includes: financial accounting, facility management, door-locking, video systems, POS, etc.

The bellow Service Scope is included in monthly fee:

  • In case of technical problems our support staff will respond within 2 hours or less (8:00 – 22:00 CET)
  • Security backups. All data is automatically stored and backed-up in a secure computer facility with 24-hour monitoring.
  • Consulting and assistance on System setup
  • Consulting and assistance on Web reservations setup
  • Consulting and assistance on POS and pricing
  • Consulting and minor adjustments in document templates
  • Bugfixes and security patches

Broadband Internet connection is recommended. HSC Cloud also works well on Mobile and Satellite Internet connections.

Computer problems: Use another computer or mobile device to access HSC Cloud

Internet problems: check your Internet Access or use alternate method to connect to the Internet (backup broadband connection from another operator or mobile Internet connection is recommended)

During night-run HSC Cloud will automatically dispatch email containing all reservation information for the next 7 days and folios templates for the next day check-out.

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