We are Hospitality Experts

PSE Group is premier provider of professional business solutions for the hospitality industry, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Our domain landscape encompasses hotels, health & spa resorts, wellness & rehabilitation facilities and conference venues.

Our team consists of hotel management specialists and consultants with more than 20 years of experience in hospitality business, as well as with IT expertise and know-how belonging to consulting and development companies located in Slovenia, Croatia and Germany, with business and ever-growing know-how expertise since 1991.

Our mission is to provide advanced software solutions for hotels and other hospitality businesses to improve their efficiency and promote best practices for their business. Dedicated to serve our client's needs and willing to work with them in a partnership style atmosphere, we ensure our clients and business partners the highest quality of products and services.

  • Industry first professional Service Tracking and Hotel Specific Switchboard
  • Over 500.000 hotel rooms globally