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A complete guide to hotel telephony

Although your guests do not know what a PBX is and what equipment you use in your hotel, they benefit from this equipment every time they visit the hotel. They can use the room phone to call the reception, order room service or wake-up call.

HSC Connect interface for Philips CMND hotel TV

We are proud to announce completely new Interface for #Philips #PPDS CMND #hotelTV.

This integration enables the hotel's PMS System to communicate with the TV. With this integration
for example, guests can access their Bill on the TV or receive messages from the Front Office directly on their room TV.

HSC Connect - new Interface for Grandstream GWN Cloud

Hotel guests now expect fast and secure Wi-Fi access at any hotel, and Grandstream GWN series of Wi-Fi APs along with GWN.Cloud or GWN Manager management platform is the ideal solution.
Integration with HSC Connect universal Hospitality middleware further increases functionality as it simplifies login with guest data stored in the PMS system.