Optimize Workflow

Service Tracking for monitoring guest requests right through to their satisfactory completition

Increase guest satisfaction!

Instantly put your guests in touch with appropriate contact person and wait to see their smile


Open! - Open Interface capabilities for data exchange

Play Safe!

Integrate and test HSC system in 30 days Grace period

Set New Standards!

Provide faster help, improve guest's comfort

Hospitality Service Center

Hospitality Service Center

Intelligent, integrated CRM solution that optimizes workflow support for the hospitality industry

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Hospitality Service Center (HSC) is an intelligent, integrated CRM solution that optimizes workflow support for the hospitality industry, where service is at a premium.

Suitable for everything from the smallest independent hotels to the largest global chains, HSC fully integrates all telephone-based services ensuring that all guests receive the highest level of attention that they deserve. It enables efficient deployment and management of service personnel while ensuring that guests are kept happy.

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Key Features

  • Optimized workflows thanks to integration of the telephone switchboard with vital software applications
  • An intuitive graphical user interface to improve usability and productivity
  • Service tracking/control to monitor every service request through to completion
  • Voice mail, wake-up calls and emergency call monitoring
  • Extended queue handling for incoming calls
  • Management information system with integrated reporting facilities for data analysis based on defined key performance indicators

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Open System

HSC is being developed as an open system. In basic configuration system already supports most important integrations (PBX integration, PMS integration, High Speed Internet Access systems integration, Building automation systems ...). Other integrations are easily possible due to extremely open system architecture.

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