Integrated CRM solution for hotels of all sizes

Hospitality Service Center (HSC) is an intelligent, integrated CRM solution that optimizes workflow support for the hospitality industry, where service is at a premium.

Suitable for everything from the smallest independent hotels to the largest global chains, HSC fully integrates all telephone-based services ensuring that all guests receive the highest level of attention that they deserve. It enables efficient deployment and management of service personnel while ensuring that guests are kept happy. HSC is an enhanced version of an intelligent modular CRM solution with interface to a third party Front Office System.

A built-in management information system (MIS) streamlines the reporting process. Data can thus be analyzed in detail to let you continually improve both the service you provide to guests and your bottom line.


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HSC Entry:

Hospitality Service Center Entry (HSC Entry) is the hotel communication solution for small hotels and guest houses. HSC Entry provides invoicing of guest telephone and Internet useage, and provides a solution for handling reservations and room occupancy.

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HSC Connect:

The HSC Connect hotel application server is an intelligent communication solution that brings a Unify HiPath®system's performance scope to the hotel front office domain. This relieves the work load on hotel personnel and increases guests' convenience.
The gateway function setting up the connection between HiPath and a front office (F/O) system serves as the basic application.
HSC Connect is used between HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000, OpenScape Office, OpenScape Business, OpenScape Voice and the front office system. This provides F/O system manufacturers with a simple, standardized hotel interface. The protocol description is available to any F/O solution provider.

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HSC Cloud:

HSC Entry is designed for the small to medium-sized hotel segment. All hotel-related functions are provided as Cloud service with following capabilities:

  • Client/server-based system with local PBX interface
  • Reservation functionality
  • Check-in / check-out
  • Room occupation wizard / guest directory
  • Wake-up call
  • Prepayment options
  • Minibar management
  • Invoicing
  • Interface to on-line booking systems
  • On-line booking module for hotel Internet portal
  • Interface to on-premises HSC Connect

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