Key Features and benefits

Features at a glance:

  • Optimized workflows thanks to integration of the telephone switchboard with vital software applications
  • An intuitive graphical user interface to improve usability and productivity
  • Service tracking/control to monitor every service request through to completion
  • Voice mail, wake-up calls and emergency call monitoring
  • Extended queue handling for incoming calls
  • Management information system with integrated reporting facilities for data analysis based on defined key performance indicators
  • Open interfaces to property management/call accounting systems, for example


Hospitality Service Center

Hospitality Service Center identifies efficiency and service as the keys to excellent performance in the hospitality industry. It works like a conventional switchboard, except that it allows your service attendant to control call flow easily on the PC. Traffic is controlled in much the same way as at a call center. All telephony services are fully integrated too.


A service tracking module monitors every single service request from the moment it is submitted to the time it is fulfilled. Guests merely press a single button to trigger a request which – thanks to the integrated system – is passed straight to the most appropriate service runner who is available. The service is completed and the data is passed back to the HSC.

Hotels can use this (and other data) to analyze their own performance. Room for improvement in specific areas can be identified thanks to key performance indicators. In other words, HSC can help a hotel continually improve both service and efficiency – and hence customer satisfaction and its own bottom line – in the long term.


Benefits to guests:

  • Guests receive better, faster service – no service requests need ever be lost again
  • A single service number on in-room phones improves guest convenience
  • Guest recognition (on-screen prompts) adds a personal touch and makes guests feel more at home
  • Prioritized (VIP) guests enjoy faster response times

Benefits to hotels:

  • Human resources are deployed more efficiently and enabled to provide superior service
  • All functions are integrated and clearly visible in the intuitively designed graphical user interface
  • Little training is required – a significant benefit in an environment where churn rates are high