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Hospitality Service Center Cloud

HSC Cloud – Online PMS System

HSC Cloud is an innovative, powerful and affordable cloud based property management system, especially designed for small properties, such as motels, B&B's, small hotel franchisees, apartment complexes and small hotel chains.   HSC Cloud is being developed, having in mind that the mid-sized hospitality industry has similar challenges as big-sized hospitality industry, only the scale is smaller. HSC Cloud delivers all the hotel management system you need over the internet – as a reliable and affordable service.

As a complete hotel software solution it has many useful features for managing one or more (small) property units. Covering all major and minor component of a hotel's requirements, such as online booking, check in – check out, housekeeping, maintenance and many other functionalities - it helps you generate new business, improve your staff's efficiency, and increase guest loyalty.

Since HSC Cloud runs via Internet, it is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Easy to use and intuitive graphical interface enables you to set up and get running in less than a day. Also, the system does not require any long-term or sophisticated training, it rather allows you to gain expertise in a very short time. Having all information available in one screen, your staff can quickly retrieve guest information, folios, and room availability.

In addition to traditional hotel PMS features HSC Cloud offers a number of advantages available only in web-based property management system:

  • Simple and Affordable. Because HSC Cloud runs via the Internet there is no need for major investments in computer hardware or software.  All you need is a simple computer and basic Internet connection.
  • Integrated Web Reservations. With HSC Cloud's integrated and seamless online reservation system there is no need to allocate separate room inventory for web bookings.
  • Remote Access & Work. HSC Cloud is accessible from any computer connected to Internet and to remotely-located personnel. You determine who has access to the PMS and who is using it.
  • Data Security. All data is automatically stored and backed-up in a secure computer facility with 24-hour monitoring.

Every module and feature of  HSC Cloud helps you to manage your day to day business more effectively. Designed to meet all of your front and back-office needs, HSC Cloud offers you everything you expect in state – of – the-art hotel management software.

HSC Cloud offers a long list of useful features that gives you outstanding flexibility to accomodate specific operational demands of your property.

hsc cloud


Multi - property. HSC Cloud allows you to manage multiple Hotel Properties. You can add more hotel properties from your existing account on the system.

Multi-lingual user interface.

Graphical Room Plan. Highly visual planning tool enables you to easily check on your hotel’s state with the click of a button.

Reservations. Your staff receive bookings (in person or by telephone) and enter the information into the system. Online bookings are automatically entered into the system. Reservations can be amended at any time (add/remove room, extend/shorten stay, change price, add discount).

Check-in, check-out. Upon arrival, the guest's reservation is retrieved from HSC Cloud by searching for the confirmation number, the guest's name or by viewing all of the daily check ins. Upon check out, your reservation staff apply any additional charges incurred by the guest and accept payment. A check out receipt (bill) is printed and given to the guest. Also, HSC Cloud enables payment in advance or separate payments during guest's stay.

Guest profile & Guest history.  Guest profile includes name, address, email address, fax number, phone number, credit cards, company, etc. Guest history records includes guest hotel stays including dates, rates paid, total expenditures, preferences, notes.

Supplementary hotel services. HSC Cloud allows you to utilize a number of integrated POS for managing your restaurants, bars, gift shops, mini bar, convenience store, laundry, etc. and enables your staff to accept cash sales or to post charges to room.

Client purchases. During guest's stay, your reservation staff manually apply guest charges as they occur, or charges automatically applied through installed interfaces.

Automatic back-up.  Your data is automatically stored in a secure computer facility with redundant Internet connections and 24-hour monitoring.

Packages and discounts. Package your rooms with other products to create unique offerings. Offer discounted rates to seniors, etc.

Reserved allocation.  HSC Cloud allows you to set aside block of rooms at special rates for group bookings, affiliated tour operators or special events.

Flexible pricing. Define your own pricing structure (by client type, room type, packages and season). Unlimited number of rate changes during the year with »day-of week« pricing capability.  

Unlimited number of seasons and price lists. Number of seasons covering multiple years supported. Also, multiple rates and rate types support in one stay (special pricing for adults & children, negotiated rates, etc).

Multiple guest names and multiple guests per room.  

Customizable invoice.  Define the layout of your invoice, with your hotel image, logo & text in the invoice.

Unlimited invoices to individual guest. HSC Cloud can generate multiple invoices and applies separate payments to individual guest or individual reservation.

Housekeeping. Using the daily housekeeping report, your housekeeping staff knows which rooms will be expecting new guests and can ensure that everything is ready prior to guest check-in.

No down-time night audit. HSC Cloud performs night audits automatically, there is no need to start the night audit manually. You only specify the time to do the night audit.

Powerful reporting engine. Produce a wide range of reports by different criteria (ex: daily reports, occupancy %, reservations, check-ins,...). Also print, view online, export in pdf, doc and xml format.

Integrated online reservations - optional. The built-in Web reservation engine lets you book your property lodgings directly from your website or hotel portal and give immediate confirmations with up-to-date inventory. HSC Cloud automatically generates confirmation letters. Multiple rates/packages with booking of Single and Multiple rooms on multiple dates and with Credit card guarantees/ deposits supported.

HiPath 3000/4000 interface.  The Gateway functionality which brings on-premises HiPath functionality to the  HSC Cloud PMS.

Additional interfaces - optional. HSC Cloud includes a series of interfaces and easily connects to any other hotel subsystem such as financial accounting, door-locking, video systems, etc.


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