HSC HotSpot

HSC HotSpot - Internet Access for Guests

Internet Access is changing the way business gets done in the hotel industry. There's a tremendous demand for wireless access where different services (mail, web surfing, social networks, video streaming, audio streaming and voice-over-IP) are all competing for the same Internet pipe. Wireless has also created new ways for hotels to connect with their guests to generate loyalty. WiFi has become a standard requirement for all hotel types, as quite often WiFi is determining factor on where guests choose to stay. Hotels need to find affordable and non-disruptive solutions to meet guest demand for reliable, consistent in-building Internet coverage.

HSC HotSpot - Internet for Guests allows you to provide easy and reasonable highspeed internet access to your customers. Only broadband internet access is required.

After HSC HotSpot installation you can operate your own Internet Hotspot and can provide different types of internet access to your customers and charge them for this service. You define the the scope of service (data volume, time, bandwidth, etc.) as well as pricing and keep all revenues.

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HSC HotSpot