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Benefits and Value Proposition

The Hospitality Service Center (HSC) centrally administrates guest services to optimize hotel workflows which influence customer satisfaction. This innovative CRM solution not only monitors guest wishes from start to fulfillment, but also stores, analyzes and outputs data and information which were previously generated by IT and telecommunication systems.

Intelligent reports show the quality of service performed and a wide range of guest and service statistics which serve to control market value-related indices (customer satisfaction index, brand loyalty) – the key to profitability in the hotel industry.

General benefits to core hotel services are:

  • The usage of HSC enables hotels to utilize their personnel resources better while increasing their quality of service of hotel attendants
  • All functionalities are integrated at a glance with a flexible Graphical User Interface (GUI) and therefore easy to use with minimum training needs. Adapted to hotel structures of high staff fluctuation
  • Centralization of tasks & optimization of staff. All Service Calls (Guest & Admin) can be routed to the HSC “At Your Service” Center, single point of Guest contact able to handle all inquiries with increased service level
  • Easy to use & Guest Comfort if implemented in combination with a single Service Number on Guest phones
  • Improved Guest recognition. All inhouse Guests are displayed at a glance at the HSC console with the relevant guest information
  • Reduced response time & reduced lost calls. Improvement via prioritized HSC call queues for e.g. Guest / VIP Guest and External calls v. Admin/Internal calls
  • Increased service standardization achieved via HSC automated Service Request dispatching based on predefined workflows
  • Increased Guest Service & Guest Comfort due to automated HSC Service alert on incoming calls
  • Increased service traceability & standardization by HSC Service Statistics and online Work lists
  • Increased Guest focus at the HSC console as the HSC Service Tracking facilitates the service communication to mobile device (e.g. DECT, Smartphones), resulting in reduced return calls from Housekeeping / Engineering and other operational departments
  • Increased service and guest focus due to HSC online monitored service activities between operational departments e.g. Front Office, Housekeeping and Engineering
  • The integrated solution combines interfaces, attendant console and Service Tracking – all from a single source
  • An open architecture secures futureproof investment and requires minimal client hardware
  • The client installation and maintenance is easy through a web-based architecture
  • The operator is the single centralized point of guest contacts. Centralization (“At Your Service Center”) is an important cost-sharing business model for hotel chains with dispersed properties. The possibility of distributing calls over different HSC workplaces leads to better utilization of personnel resources. This option permits hotel chains to manage several hotels from a single HSC installation. Such centralization leads to a reduction in required resources and creates enormous potential for savings.

Using HSC the hotel can both streamline staff deployment and improve service quality. Thanks of the complete integration of standard telephony, the Hospitality Service Center can perorm the tasks usually carried out by a traditional attendant console.