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All-in-one UC Solution for SMB

UCSL is a CTI and accounting application for processing and analysing call data of:

  • internal connections in standalone systems and networks
  • outgoing and incoming Voice and VoIP connections over different network operators/carriers

The product can be used with supported standalone systems and in voice networks.

UCSL can map the organizational structure of a company, with all respective cost centres, persons and PIN codes. By means of detailed authorizations for reports and hierarchy levels, a fine-grained selection of data for viewing and modification is possible.

All in one UC Solution for SMB

Flexible processes - more productivity

And more other great features

Choose your product features:


Call Accounting

Call data processing and analysing with powerful reporting.


Computer supported telephony with phone control and unified journals.

Outlook Integration

Computer supported telephony integrated into MS Outlook.

Operator panel

Attendant console with convinient dialing aids, call journals and BLF buttons.

CRM integration

UCSL CRM integration provides connectivity with external applications.


Solution for Command and Control Centres with simple and flexible call handling. Suitable for the most demanding environments.

Customer communication is vital.
Let's make it simple.

UCSL joins everything together, creating a seamless all-in-one communications system with the programs and applications that your staff use every day. This makes your communication processes more intelligent and intuitive.

All this means a less stressful work environment and a more satisfied staff that can do more work within the required deadlines and give you a competitive advantage.

All-in-one solution for SMB

  • Happier staff and customers
  • Mobility options
  • Dramatic improvements in workflow and productivity
  • Improved communication with customers and shorter response times
  • No backlogs and bottlenecks
  • No missed calls and no unnecessary checks and call transfers



missed calls

  • Missed calls monitoring and managing in healthcare facilities
  • Easy control of missed calls and dialing from lists
  • Powerful reporting for management


missed calls

  • Missed calls monitoring and managing in service companies where every missed call is a lost business opportunity
  • Easy control of missed calls and dialing from lists
  • Powerful reporting for management

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