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HSC Connect – TV Interface

HSC Connect TV Interface is a Universal TV interface that connects TV Systems with the hotel PMS System. This relieves the workload on hotel personnel and increases guests’ convenience. TV Systems Interface is used between TV system and the PMS system. This provides PMS system manufacturers with a simple, standardized hotel interface.

The features made available by this standard hotel interface include:

  • Check-in/check-out with welcome message
  • TV rights assignment
  • Entry of Guest name
  • Determining costs
  • Wake-up service
  • Room status service
  • Use of the minibar
  • Folio information and quick checkout
  • Receiving a message (Message Waiting indication)
  • Do-not-disturb

It is also possible to integrate expansion options such as

  • A hotel-specific TV Guest app,
  • Service Tracking for monitoring guest requests and,
  • Internet Access for Guests via External HotSpot application.

HSC Connect TV Interface is aimed at hotels that already have a customary front office system (PMS) and which require a link to the TV System. These can be either individual hotels or hotels belonging to a chain.

hsc connect


The following main features are provided by HSC system:

Check-in/check-out with TV rights (room equipment status)

All guest data is sent from the front office to HSC Connect when guests check in/out, then stored in the check-in file and transferred to TV System. All data is reset at check-out.

Entry of guest name for identification

The guest’s name is also stored in the system on check-in and is displayed on room TV. The guest’s name is deleted on checkout.

Folio information

Folio refers to an invoice detailing the charges, credits and payments incurred or made by a room. A guest can see one’s billing information when a guest wants to checkout in one’s room thru TV.


A guest or FO staff can request DND status for the room.

Message waiting

Messages that arrive during a guest’s absence can be signalled over the front office system by “setting” the Message Waiting information on the room TV.

Wakeup system

If a guest or FO staff sets wakeup time, TV or hotel’s staff acts to wake the guest.

Room status

The room status can be entered by room staff on the room TV set. When a checked-out room is being cleaned, the room status is set by the room staff and the room is offered by the front office system as being available again. The room statuses can alternatively be administered and changed using the front office system.

Use of the minibar

If items are found to have been consumed from the minibar in a guest’s room, the hotel staff can enter the details directly on the room TV set.

Multiple TV Systems support

Up to 4 TV Systems in mixed mode (any combination of supported TV Systems).

Front Office component

Guests in large hotels frequently call the operator (central office) to arrange for a wake-up call or have their TV rights changed. To enable the operator to use specific hotel functions, the HSC Connect client component can be used on the operator’s PC. This component can be installed on any PC with Java. This allows the operator to perform the following functions:

  • enter wake-up orders,
  • change TV set classes-of service,
  • set or clear the Message Waiting notification,
  • set the do-not-disturb function.

The PC must be connected to HSC Connect via LAN.

HSC Connect TV Interface

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