Working hours MON-FRI 08:00-16:00 CET

Our specialists use Remote Access to install an application, fix an error, update a driver, or teach customers how to solve issues.
We are using AnyDesk for Remote Support.

Statement of Limited Liability

In PSE Group we are committed to protect any data that we collect during Remote Support Session. All data obtained during Remote Support Session is exclusively used to support our customers.
You agree that the PSE Remote Support Services are provided on an “as-is” basis. You agree the use of the PSE Remote Support Services is at your own risk and is not warranted. PSE cannot and does not guarantee the Service to perform at a specific speed, to be free of errors, to be secure, without viruses, without worms, without spyware or malware or adware, or similar. It is the client’s responsibility to back-up their data. PSE will not and cannot be held responsible for any data loss at any time for any reason without limitation. PSE will not be responsible if changes in operation or procedures occur, or if the Service requires modification to your computer equipment. PSE will make every effort possible to diagnose, assess and correct or “fix” the problem you are experiencing. However, if PSE is unsuccessful in resolving your computer problem, you will still be liable for the service charges incurred during the course of your Remote Support Session. You acknowledge that additional services may be needed. PSE, (including but not limited to its officers, employees, parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, or departments), its third party partners, suppliers, providers, and licensors, in no event will be held responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental, or special damages including without limitation, lost profits, loss of revenue, or damages due to the use, partial use or inability to use the PSE Remote Support Services, regardless of the nature or type of claim even if PSE has been advised of such claim or possibility of such claim or any claims or possible claims against you by another party. All disclaimers and limitations apply to PSE’ third party partners, suppliers, providers, and licensors. Remedies set forth in this agreement are your exclusive remedies. If applicable, our exclusions and limitations apply to you to the maximum extent allowed by applicable law.

If you agree to the terms and agreements above, click this link to download the support file.