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Software Assurance Service

What is Software Assurance:

Software Assurance includes all available Bugfixes, Security Updates, Software Updates, Software Upgrades, Feature Enhancements as well as 2nd & 3rd Level Support for PSE Group Business Partners incl. Remote Control. Therefore please note that we are not able to provide any Service or Support for systems without valid Software Assurance. Please note that Software Assurance renewal always starts from Software Assurance expiration date.

Support and SW Assurance Terms:

This document sets forth the terms and conditions under which PSE will provide Support and SW Assurance Services and shall remain in effect for the initial term of SW Assurance.

Telephone or E-MAIL Support:
The telephone support hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CET, during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, except holidays). PSE will attempt to respond to all product support inquiries with 1 business day of receipt of queries by either email or telephone communication.

Support services will be delivered remotely by telephone or email. If the End User requests on-site support to resolve a problem, PSE has the right to charge for this support on a time and materials basis plus expenses at its discretion.

PSE Support ID:
For identification purposes you may be asked to provide PSE Support ID number with your support requests. You have received this number when your SWA contract was activated.

PSE shall provide notification in writing by e-mail of revisions, updates, modifications and enhancements (Point Releases) to Products when and if they become available to End Users that have a valid Support and SW Assurance Option. The contents of all Releases shall be decided upon by PSE in its sole discretion and will generally include changes that correct defects as well as enhancements. PSE will provide minor and major at no additional charge; provided that the End Users Support and SW Assurance Option has not lapsed.
Classification and Resolution of Errors: Based on error classification, PSE will use all commercially reasonable efforts to provide a resolution to such errors in accordance with the severity levels and resolutions times identified below.

Severity Level and Target Resolution Time
Critical – Level 1: Two (2) business days
Severe – Level 2: Ten (10) business days
Medium – Level 3: Thirty (30) business days
Minor – Level 4: Next update
Trivial – Level 5: Next update

Explanation of Release ratings:

  • Critical – Level 1 Software error causing instability or a complete system shutdown
  • Severe – Level 2 Software error causing deterioration or loss of data
  • Medium – Level 3 Functional error with incomplete or missing workaround
  • Minor – Level 4 Functional error with a complete workaround
  • Trivial – Level 5 Error or issue without functional constraints
  • Enhancement – Functional improvement


  • Service for Software not licensed by PSE (e.g. third party applications, operating systems, etc.)
  • Service for programming samples that have been modified by the End User.
  • Service for Software that has been modified.
  • Service for Software running on hardware that is not compliant.
  • Making changes, modifications or alterations in or to the Software. Providing service associated with relocation, installation or de installation of Software, Updates and Enhancements.
  • Service for Software not maintained to the latest Update and/or Enhancement delivered by PSE.
  • Performing electrical work external to the Software.
  • Service which becomes necessary due to: (i) failure of computer hardware, equipment or programs not supplied by PSE ; (ii) catastrophe, negligence of Partner, End User, operator error, improper use of hardware or software, or attempted maintenance by unauthorized persons; (iii) causes external to the Software such as, but not limited to, failure of or faulty electric power; (iv) any causes other than ordinary use; or (v) Partner’s failure to provide the necessary facilities or specified operating supplies to meet PSE’s use specifications.
  • The re-creation of data lost for any reason whatsoever.
  • SW Assurance Services are limited to the current release and the immediately preceding release of the Software.

SW Assurance Service term:
Subject to the payment of the applicable SW Assurance fee, SW Assurance Services shall be provided for an initial period of one year (the Initial SW Assurance Period).
The contract is automatically extended by one year if it is not terminated with due notice (3 months before the minimum contract period expires). This automatic renewal occurs repeatedly so long as the contract is not terminated three months before the annual deadline.

Support and SW Assurance at the end of one year from the date of purchase. For customers who have not subscribed to and paid for the Support and SW Assurance option, PSE will provide these services free of charge for thirty (30) days from the purchase date of the PSE Products.

Please use contact details you have received when SWA contact was activated.
NOTE! If you have purchased your product from a local reseller, please contact them for support.