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HSC Connect – new Interface for Grandstream GWN Cloud

Hotel guests now expect fast and secure Wi-Fi access at any hotel, and Grandstream GWN series of Wi-Fi APs along with GWN.Cloud or GWN Manager management platform is the ideal solution. GWN AP portfolio includes a variety of indoor and long-range options, and if the hotel is going to utilize their Wi-Fi network for voice or video, the GWN series can prioritize these connections through QoS. They also offer a variety of captive portal options and authentications to ensure only permitted users can access hotel networks.

Integration with HSC Connect universal Hospitality middleware further increases functionality as it simplifies login with guest data stored in the PMS system. During check in/out all guest data is sent from the front office to the HSC Connect, then Guest WiFi username and password is created and stored. Grandstream GWN Cloud/Manager uses these data to verify the guest eligibility of network access.