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HSC HotSpot provides the following features and more.


  • administer the system convenient with your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • individual billing of so-called ‘Surftickets’
  • your created ‘Surftickets’ are manageable
  • Auto-Logon: define devices for free access to the web
  • Free to Use: enter websites free of charge (e.g. your homepage)


  • no configuration necessary on the end-device (e.g. laptop)
  • no software installation necessary on the end-device
  • HSC HotSpot real Plug&Play service – no amendments to the end-device
  • automatic proxy detection
  • user-friendly customer logon page
  • guests can see their status information (e.g. used amount of data)


  • AAA system (authentication | authorization | accounting)
  • Private VLAN Support (room / port isolation)
  • Portforwarding (DNAT) for access to end devices (e.g. Access Point management within Surf-LAN)
  • Surf-Client Protection (Surf Clients cannot see themselves)
  • integrated Stateful-Firewall (isolates Office-LAN from Surf-LAN)
  • Simple and Advanced HTTP Content Filter
  • Port Filter
  • Hardware Health Status
  • creating backups
  • enter static routes
  • supports major Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • logging of relevant actions (e.g. logon, logoff, ticket creation)
  • compliant to EU-Data Retention (2006/24/EG)



  • English
  • French – Français
  • German – Deutsch
  • Italian – Italiano

GUEST LOGON (incl. editable Terms of Use)

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified) – 中文(简体)
  • Croatian – Hrvatski
  • Czech – Čeština
  • Danish – Dansk
  • Dutch – Nederlands
  • English
  • French – Français
  • German – Deutsch
  • Greek – Ελληνικά
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian – Magyar
  • Italian – Italiano
  • Japanese – 日本語
  • Polish – Polski
  • Romanian – Românǎ
  • Russian – Русский
  • Slovak – Slovenčina
  • Slovenian – Slovensko
  • Spanish – Español
  • Swedish – Svenska
  • … more languages on request!


  • billing by time / amount of data / date
  • FLAT RATE: A flat rate scheme gives guests access to the Internet for a limited amount of time (i.e. 6 days) and includes an allotted allowance of download limit.
  • TIME RATE: The debiting from the time credit account takes place, down to the exact minute via logging in and logging off (for both telephone and modem access).
  • free of charge (with or without Home Page)
  • Bandwidth management per user
  • VLAN based accounting


  • Office Printer (DIN A5)
  • Bulk Tickets (.csv) for serial letters, on scratch cards, in bulk eMails, etc.
  • thermal ticket printer (optional)
  • PMS system (optional)
  • Credit Card


  • Simple and Advanced Web Filter
  • customize your logon page (colors, logo)
  • Reporting: Program, Ticket Statistics, System Log, Hardware, Connection Tracking
  • User Management/Logging
  • intelligent bandwidth restriction (no disturbance within the Office-LAN)
  • Online Update Modul
  • Surf-Client Protection (Surf clients are not visible among each other)
  • SMTP-Relayhost / -Authentication (SMTP proxy settings)
  • define DHCP Static Leases
  • PING Tool
  • default terms of use
  • redirect customer after logon
  • VAT settings
  • automated invoice numbering
  • Free to Use: enter websites free of charge


  • connect up to 8 Thermal Ticket Printer
  • Ethernet2Serial – Adapter
  • PMS Connector (e.g. Micros Fidelio, Protel …)
  • Online Update Renewal (inlcudes Security-Updates, Minor- and Major-Releases, Web Content Filter Lists Subscription)


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