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What is HSC HotSpot?

HSC HotSpot and is an innovative software solution that enables businesses and companies to provide their customers with a timed and/or download limited Internet access. Customizable billing offers your property complete control over pricing, and outstanding flexibility in billing to maximize revenues.

Operational areas range from lodging properties of all kinds (Hotels, Campgrounds, B&Bs,…) over Convention Centers to Trade Fair & Exhibition Centers. The fee structure is determined by the business itself.

The system only requires a router-based broadband Internet access (i.e. cable, DSL, …). The HSC HotSpot consists of functional multilingual web-interface. Billing is easy and hassle free, either using pre-paid Internet access cards (similar to prepaid telephone cards) or using an existing hotel management system (PMS).

HSC HotSpot for Total Control!

Our outstanding and cost-efficient technology solution for the hospitality industry and trade and industry lets you provide timed and/or download limited Internet access to your customers.

With the HSC HotSpot you are able to generate so-called ‘Internet Tickets’ with temporal and quantative restrictions for your customers. You have a user / password combination on the generated Tickets, with which your customers have a selected time period of access to the Internet. On initial access to the Internet the customer will be requested to enter a user ID and password. Should he/she not be in possession of an Internet Ticket, he/she still has the possibility to surf the Internet pages that you have declassified (for example: Hotel Websites, Tourist Offices, etc.), however he/she may not access other pages. Access not only includes surfing the web but also for example sending and receiving Emails, VPN connections, Internet chat rooms etc.

Plug & Play Technology

The HSC HotSpot utilizes plug and play technology to bring ease of use to a new level. This revolutionary connection eliminates the need to reconfigure IP settings on the laptop or PDA. The network uses the DHCP protocol (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or TCP/IP protocol to communicate with any operating system, regardless of proxy or DNS settings. Plug and Play-aware operating systems include all major systems, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, 2000, XP, Linux, Macintosh, and more. Plug and play connection lets users access the Internet using a PC, laptop, or PDA without adding any new software.